Our students are encouraged to participate in technical paper contests conducted by various colleges open to all Engineering colleges in India. Our students won number of prizes for technical papers and also in elocution, debate etc.

ECE, CS/IT, EEE and Mechanical Engineering Technical Associations of the students are constituted in the college and office bearers nominated based on merit.

Seminars and Special Lectures are regularly organized for improving the communication skills of the students.

Establishment of Communication skills Training center recoganized by APSCHE 

Our college established a communication skills Training center in our city center for employability enhancement of unemployed students including engineering graduates.  This center is open not only to our students but also to the outsiders.

Review Committee

This concept is a novel one initiated by the Institute. The class review committee for each class consists of the staff who teach the class and from among those students who are top rankers, middle rankers, and bottom rankers (three students from each level). Periodic meetings of these committees are held to review, whether the syllabus is completed in the stipulated time or not. If not, remedial measures are taken. Any special difficulty experienced by the staff and students are also discussed and necessary action is initiated in the interests of effective teaching learning process and better understanding between the faculty and student.



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