IEEE SNIST is the only international student chapter at SNIST, having 100+ volunteers and 20 executive board members. The club aims at bringing forward international standard technical workshops to the students of SNIST. IEEE SNIST organizes an annual techno management fest- ADASTRA, having a variety of events from technical to pandemonium events. IEEE SNIST also organizes an international level conference - WIE Conferencia, which aims at finding solutions to various problems and issues faced globally.

The club has 2 societies - “THE POWER AND ENERGY SOCIETY” and “COMPUTER SOCIETY”. The Club also has an affinity group called  “WOMEN IN ENGINEERING”. Each society organizes various events every month to engage and inspire students.

IEEE SNIST is run entirely by the student body. Every year, the student board recruits 100 volunteers based on the applications, interviews, and caliber of the students. It allows students from all the four years to join the club. Senior management is always available to mentor the IEEE club.
Branch counsellor - Dr. K. Sumanth, Dean Placements
Chief Advisor - Ms. Maitreyee Mukherjee, Group Director–Marketing

Rishi Bellamkonda, Neha Reddy Gaddam, Anvitha Madadi, P. Ashrith Rao, J. Rithvik Thanmay, Kona Surya Teja, Amulya Rao Surabhi; Akshara Yeldandi, Kaushik Kondu, Bhavan Voram, Sengar Vikrant Pratap, Akanksha Asthana, B. Manidweep Reddy, Srinidhi Emani, Aashrita Reddy, Sai Kiran Bikumalla, Akshath Rao P, Ruhie, Sai Rohith


IEEE SNIST being the only international student body in the college, externally it collaborates on various levels. IEEE SNIST is associated with IEEE Hyderabad Section within the city level. IEEE SNIST associates with IEEE India Chapter nationally. Internationally, it is a part of IEEE international organization.

IEEE SNIST collaborates with various corporate entities every year. Many companies come forward to Sponsor quality events organized by IEEE SNIST annually. The previous year, IEEE SNIST had many potential sponsors such as CDK Global, Byjus Education, Manhattan Review, Princeton Review, IDP Consultancy, Oliva Clinics, and they still maintain good relations with the club, helping us in all ways possible.

Internally, IEEE SNIST cross collaborates with various clubs in the college by conducting events and maintaining good relations. IEEE SNIST has cordial relations and closely works with ISTE SNIST and ICC SNIST. The members handle every aspect of the club completely. Apart from this, IEEE SNIST acts as a platform for the Students to do their technical projects. It helps them with proper guidance along with the necessary assistance to get their patents and journals published through IEEE.

Collaborations with other colleges: IEEE being an international organization has its student branches in various colleges. IEEE SNIST through the Hyderabad section has collaborated with 180 colleges all over the state. IEEE SNIST, especially, has closely worked with 6 other colleges–GRIET, CBIT, CVSR, VBIT, MVSR and GCET.

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