Bachpan Prayas

Bachpan Prayas, is a student-run non-profit NGO (REG NO 1476/2016) of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Ghatkesar, with a vision to build a literate and developed nation with strong moral values by enabling happy childhood. The NGO strives to improve the quality of education and to bring out the latent talents in children.

Bachpan Prayas conducts a range of programmes to enrich the lives of children: 

  • Project Nava Nirman - Adoption of a school and developing it in all aspects.
  • Mission SMRITHI - Awareness campaign about parenting and healthy interaction with the opposite gender.
  • Happy childhood - To promote smiles for orphans by providing them with all necessities.
  • Health Camps - Health camps are conducted in Government Schools in and around the city.
  • Vygyanika Parvan - An inter school talent hunt to unleash the hidden talents in young minds of India.
  • Project Bodhaka - The chief aim of this project is to organize skill development camps in various orphanages.
  • Project Prajna - To empower all those women who've been behind the curtains of injustice such as domestic violence, physical abuse and molestation.
  • Donation Week - The NGO conducted a donation drive from Nov 3, 2019 to Nov 8, 2019 in SNIST, and donated the proceedings in six orphanages across the city.
  • MISSION CHANAKYA - - Bachpan Prayas has organized MISSION CHANAKYA on 12 December 2019 to provide all the facilities for
  1. school buildings. Under this mission, it organized the following activities: reinforcing laboratory facilities, installation of RO water
  2. purifiers, enabling digital education and career guidance.


Faculty advisor : Dr. S.P.V. SUBBA RAO
Chief Advisor: Ms. Maitreyee Mukherjee, Group Director - Marketing


Ayub Khan, Sai Tharun, Ravalika, Uday Kumar, Varsha, Manideep, Sanay, Pavan Satya, Karthik Naik, Nishika, Keerthana, Keerthi, Sai Pavani, Niharika, Hrithika, Pravalika, Yesh Manikanta, Ankit.


Any company or firm committing to contribute Rs. 1 lakh or more towards Bachpan Prayas would be announced as the Title sponsor and provided with the respective benefits. Apart from corporate sponsors, we also have Promotional partner, T-shirt partner, Beverages partner, Media partner, Transport partner, Food partner, Photography partner

Board Members

S.No Designation Name Year of Study
1 President Samrat Tirukkovalluri 3rd
2 General Secretary Samala Sai Krishi 3rd
3 Vice President Karipe Vignesh  3rd
4 Joint Secretary Sai Satwik Sriramula 3rd
5 Treasurer Talluri Laxmi Priyanka  3rd
6 Organizing Head Fayaz 2nd
7 Organizing Head Shadab 2nd
8 Marketing Head Sri Vardan 2nd
9 Marketing Head Varshith 2nd
10 Publicity Head Sravani 2nd
11 Publicity Head Jaya prakash 2nd
12 Govt Schools Head Ashwith 2nd
13 Govt Schools Head Navanitha 2nd
14 Documentation  Bharath 2nd
15 Documentation  Sahithi Sriya 2nd
16 Internal Affairs Adeep 2nd
17 Internal Affairs Karthik 2nd
18 External Affairs Sandeep 2nd
19 External Affairs Arjun 2nd
20 Public Relations Harshith 2nd
21 Designing Head Srinivas 2nd
22 Creativity A.Pavani 2nd
23 Creativity Vainateya 2nd
24 Social Media M.Vamshi Goud 2nd
25 Social Media Venkat Ram Reddy 2nd


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