TechVision Club was established with the main motto of bridging the gap between the institute and the industry. The club conducts technical events to help students gain technical aspects of technologies as well as a few non-technical events to foster the overall development of students. It conducts seminars, workshops alongside other technical events to prepare students for their future endeavors.


3rd year students of all branches are the board members and other year students are members and volunteers of the club. 6 students started the club along with Ms. N Divya of IT department in 2015. Now, it has strengthened and all department students are a part of it.


Dr. V.V.S.S. Balaram, Head of Dept. IT
Ms. N. Divya and Ms. Maitreyee along with the Alumni, Ex and Current Techvision students drive the club.


It is one of the most anticipated fests of the year conducted in collaboration with the Arts Club, a very well-known club for its cultural and wide range of creative domains. It gives numerous opportunities for students to showcase their talents, ranging from technical to cultural fields. It includes various technical and non-technical events showcased from clubs across the college and ends with one of the most awaited events of the fest, the cult night.

Apart from conducting consistent affairs, the club has also methodized events relating to Amazon Web Services (AWS), R programming, Human Library, and Technova among others, showcasing the relevant skills and learning to the students, and teamed up with Infosys for an industrial visit.

We make sure to update our social media pages regularly with emphasis on the latest technological happenings, personas, tech facts among other captivating news and activities.


  • The club organized an event based on the post-pandemic industrial challenges conducted by Mr. Sri Charan Lakkaraju, a Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 2018 entrepreneur and a campus recruitment trainer. The event gave insights into what to expect from the industry post-pandemic while providing students with ways to build their skills and technologies to suffice the upcoming needs of the industry.
  • Learning AI using Google AutoML, IBM Watson, and TensorFlow, a two-day workshop that helped students to discover various technologies and libraries required to build a strong foundation in the AI and Machine Learning domain.
  • Alongside conducting frequent workshops, the club has organized quizzes based on C-programming and data structures respectively. The quiz consisted of competitive questions ranging from a wide set of topics and was taken up by students across various streams.
  • The club organized an event in collaboration with ischoolconnect technologies to help students find ways to apply for universities and take the next step to pursue masters and other courses across the globe.
  • The Angular11 workshop, a two-day workshop provided students with abundant learning to build quality mobile and web applications while showcasing the relevant skills to be worked upon for better outcomes in the industry. 



Students get many opportunities to work on real-life projects in the club. Events such as AWS, Mercedes Engine Diagnosis, Augmented Reality and Paper Presentations conducted by our club gave a real-life project experience to our students. Our club deals with events that are high on demand in the industry.

Recently we have collaborated with a student platform named InCampus. It is an app which publishes all the events conducted by our club throughout India.

There are currently no collaborations with external clubs so far, but talks are being started for collaborations from a few prestigious insti-tutes like BITS, Hyderabad.

Board Members:

No Name Role
1 Sreeja Reddy President
2 Sai Kiran Reddy General Secretary
3 Hriythika Public Relations
4 Keertana Technical Team member
5 Akshith Technical Team member
6 Sahithya Technical Team member
7 Gopinath Technical Team member
8 Sujay Ogranizer
9 Kashyap Ogranizer
10 A. Karthik Ogranizer
11 Shreya Internal Affairs
12 Akhil Reddy External Affairs
13 Anjali Reddy Documentation and Designing
14 Yugesh Reddy Documentation and Designing
15 G. Shreya Marketing
16 Sushanth Marketing
17 Chitra Treasurer
18 Sanjana Rao Publicity
19 Vaishnavi Joint Secretary


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