The department has shouldered the responsibility of conducting a unique Orientation Program “Improving Learning Capabilities and Personality Development” every year for the FRESH students. This has been proved to be a Herculean Task and the entire responsibility of the students in getting them ready for their coming FOUR years is a job that we have been executing with surgical precision.

  • The Department launches college magazine SRUJANA and presents to its readers a wide range of reading material contributed by the students and the staff. It brings in news from all the corners, and also voices the feelings, perceptions and beliefs of the students and faculty of Sreenidhi. It is an opportunity for people with a flair for writing, to express and share their thoughts, giving them a platform to convey their ideas on certain topics of general interest; be it technical, didactic or moralistic.
  • The department also organizes Effective Teaching Methodology programs to the new entrants as faculty members and we make them feel ready and more effective in their teaching.
  • For the last 5 years, the department has its own indelible impact on the First Year Students and thereby on the whole Institute with its variety of activities and policy making. Policy making has been its greatest strength with regard to
  • Inculcating quality basic education
  • Incorporating newer techniques of teaching

  • onducting meetings regularly so that all the faculty members share their experiences
  • Sharing knowledge among the members of all the faculties
  • Mentoring the students to help maintain their decorum as a professional student
  • Paving their way properly
  • Dealing with parents advising them from time to time about their ward’s progressive development
  • Conducting disciplinary committee meetings as and when required and making recommendations where necessary giving chance to the students to realize their mistakes
  • Coordinating with other Core Engineering Departments and by giving them feedback of the students, the department has been exemplary in handing over a well-disciplined, and well-groomed quality students to the responsibility of Core Engineering Departments
  • In this semester, (2018) the results of the students speak volumes about the relentless efforts of the faculty members of MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, and ENGLISH. They achieved very laudable pass percentages high above the average percentages that are usually recorded at JNTUH.

  • athematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English sections have record pass percentages with 100 in some of the Sections. Achieving 100 percentages in Chemistry and English has been very thrilling and encouraging. In the coming years department strive to give the same or improved percentages of pass from all the sections of FRESH students.
  • The sections which are recorded with 90 percent and less pass percentages have been very less in number and the situation will improve in the coming semesters.


  • Published its first biannual National Journal in English – SJOES
  • Designed Curriculum for autonomous mode of instruction
  • Compiled a Text Book for B Tech First Year ‘English for Professional Success - an interactive approach’ published by SNIST in 2014
  • Compiled a Text Book for B Tech First Year ‘Mastering English - the interactive approach’ published by SNIST in 2011
  • To improve the communication skills of the students we have
  • 5 English Language Communication skills Laboratories
  • 7 Language Laboratories
  • With excellent computer equipments with state-of-the-art-technology
  • The software that is well organized so as to build confidence in the students for their future
  • CRT programs are also conducted in the laboratories for giving them an extra mile in preparing them for the Campus Placements
  • Language and Communication Skills Laboratories bridge the gap that exist between the skills required by the Corporate world and the skills possessed by the students, thereby facilitating them substantially

Improving the Employability Skills of the students is our greatest goal so that students feel confident when they go out of college.

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