Dr. K. T. Mahhe

                                                                                                 Dr. K. T. Mahhe

Education begins with keen observation, attentive listening and zealous practice by application in real life situations. It is not merely the time spent that is important but how well and how effectively and how much one learnt and what skills one acquired, which is the most important index of quality.

Education Technology ought to concern itself with creation of an environment, congenial to a Effective Teaching Learning Process. The goal is to produce devoted students and inspired teachers".

Sreenidhi Institute of Science & Technology promoted by Sree Educational Society, brings to the fore a mix of expertise and rich practical experience from its sister concerns.

  • Backing from resources of Sree Group and well-wishers across the world.
  • Built world class infrastructure for effective instruction.
  • Sree Educational Society already invested millions of dollars in Sreenidhi.
  • Blending the great tradition of learning with modern techniques of teaching.
  • Unmatched instructional efficiency and student counselling.
  • Highly qualified dedicated faculty.
  • Fully developed state of the art laboratories.
  • Sprawling campus in 25 acres with picturesque surroundings.
  • A great beginning of a new era of technical education in India and abroad.
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