Industry Institute Interaction - Committee


Co-ordinators     :   1). Mr. Rama Krishna 
                                 2). Mr. Raghvendra

One representative Senior teacher from each Department.

Activities of the Industry Institute Committee

  • This cell initiates and runs the following activities.
  • Interaction between industry and the institution on various aspects
  • Curriculam Development
  • Identification of Bridge courses.
  • Improvement of quality of students project work.
  • Industrial visits for students and staff.
  • Industrial training for students.
  • Industrial training for staff.
  • Final year projects in the industry.
  • Organizing special lectures by experts from industry and Research Organization.
  • Participation in the meetings of professional organizations.
  • Promoting R & D and consultancy projects with industry collaboration
  • Organizing special lectures for the benefit of industry.
  • Facilitating higher studies of faculty with Industries collaboration
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