Found on 23rd November 2000, under the vision of our beloved Executive Director Dr.P Narasimha Reddy, the IEEE SNIST student branches has grown  up leaps  and  bounds  from  then  on,  its mission  to increase the technical competency of students. Under the able guidance of our principal, Dr. K. Sumanth, our student branch counsellor, we have progressed our way through, being recognized as the vibrant student branch of th IEEE Hyderabad section in 2010. Our events are considered to be the most innovative and the most diverse in the entire Hyderabad section.

Executive Board     

Name Position Branch Year Mail
Murlidhar Sarda Chair CSE 4
Bhargav Sai Vice Chair MECH 3
Ajit Pattepu Gen Sec CSE 4
D Krishnanjali Treasurer ECE 3
Pradeep Cherukuri Joint Sec ECE 4
Marri Prabhudev HR & PR ECE 4
Nimmaluri Dhanusha Doc MECH 3
V Satvik Reddy Organizing MECH 3
Chaitanya Mankala Design IT 4
G Sahaja Section Rep CSE 4
G Karthik Sharma CS Chair CSE 4
Bhavin Patel CS Gen Sec IT 4
Vishnu Varma Pericherla CS Vice Chair CSE 3
V Anupama WIE Chair ECE 4
Kavya Margam WIE Gen Sec MECH 4
Shreshta Edla WIE Vice Chair MECH 3


IEEE SNIST has earned its name for being organizing the most Out of the Box workshops ever at SNIST. Some of the workshops we’ve organized during the recent years are:Workshops

  • Make your own Power Bank
  • Auto Spark
  • PCB Fabrication
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Augmented Reality

Junk Yard Wars

Junk Yard Wars is an event intended to extract the hardware knowledge of computer science students. The event is based on a simple assembly of the internal parts of a CPU in a computer. The fastest team to assemble the parts successfully had an upper hand in winning the contest. The practical contest was followed by an oral knowledge test (resembling a viva voce). While this event tested the knowledge of hardware devices, on the other hand, it was a lot of fun while participating, which all of the participants have confessed.

 Riddle Me This!

Riddle Me This is a logic test for the students which tested their quick logic and also their wit. This event consisted of 50 questions which included topics on Puzzles, Quantitative Problems, Logical Reasoning, Riddles, Brain Teasers etc. This event was intended to make sure the logic behind the engineer’s brain doesn’t die.


Pixelator is a Graphic Designing event. It included 3 sessions which taught the basics of how to design posters, followed by an online contest in which designs of the participants were published in the facebook page of IEEE SNIST. The designs were then judged according to many criteria such as the colour combinations, creativity, look and feel of the design, etc.


ADASTRA is a National Level Techno Management Literary Robotic Symposium, the flagship event conducted by the IEEE SNIST student branch annually, in the spring season. ADASTRA 2016, is the 15th Consecutive ADASTRA held by the IEEE SNIST SB. Annually, ADASTRA has a unique theme, which is a burning issue in the country. In 2012, the theme was Saving Tigers, in 2013, it was Saluting the Indian Army, in 2014, it was NARI – Nation Against Rape and Inhumanity. In 2015, the theme for Adastra was Saluting the ISRO for our Mangalyaan – “We have already reached the Mars.. Reaching the stars is not a big deal”. In 2016, the theme for ADASTRA was “INTEGRATING ENGINEERING”

Adastra 2016 has redefined the standards of the Technical Skill set of the Students and has fostered a significant impact in the history of IEEE SNIST SB. Beginning on 27thJanuary 2016, the Symposium has flourished all over its way through, until the end on 30th January 2016, making it a Sweet endeavour to cherish the event during the Republic Day Week.

Tech Inferno (Technical Events)

  • Paper Presentations
  • Poster Presentations
  • Project Expo
  • Computer Champs
  • Mech Maniacs
  • Electro Buzz
  • BIO-Blast

Code Busters (Programming Events)

  • Relay Coding
  • C – Champs
  • Java Genius
  • Coding Quiz

Management Events

  • Corporate Crunch
  • Optimize!
  • B Quiz
  • Interview Simulator

Pandemonium (Non Technical Events)

  • Mr & Ms ADASTRA
  • Radium Cricket
  • Pen Fight
  • Tug of War
  • Carroms
  • Chess
  • Short Pitch Cricket
  • Music Quiz
  • Movie Quize
  • Cartoon Quiz

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