Hyderabad History

Chronicling 400 years of Hyderabad's history is not easy. Especially history as rich and diverse as that of Hyderabad. For the ancient capital of the Nizams empire is, today, a happening place. Explore the by lanes, taste the roadside foodstuff and smell the entrepreneurial excitement in the air, get a whiff of the nostalgia. Today Hyderabad is a blend of the old and the new, the emerging character unique and trend-setting in India. Catch a glimpse of an era spanning the glorious Qutub Shahi, the Asif Jahi and the Nizam dynasties who left their indomitable stamp on the city. Take a stroll down memory lane by browsing through a list of important dates and significant events, the turning points in Deccani history.

Brief History of Hyderabad : From nawabs and pearls to the world's hi-tech happening point, the city's journey is fascinating. The sprawling metropolis is coming to terms with itself at the start of the new millenium.

The Qutub Shahi Dynasty Of Hyderabad : Comprising eight rulers over a span close to two centuries, the Qutub Shah dynasty left its indomitable stamp on Hyderabad and it's surroundings, beginning with the beautification of the Golconda Fort.

The Nizams Of Hyderabad : It was under this royal line of seven emperors, who ruled for almost three centuries, that the Hyderabad state reached it's zenith in terms of size and power.

Chronology of Events and Dates : A listing of the city'smemorable events with dates...View a map of Hyderabad as it was

The Pearl in Hyderabad History : Understand how history gave the pearl it's luminous place in Hyderabad. Know all about Pearls  

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