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About Us

Sreenidhi Cancer Foundation is a student run organization dedicated to help and aid the cancer affected people financially, emotionally and psychologically.

Sreenidhi Cancer Foundation club was founded on 15th February 2015. It drew an inspiration from Shravani, a 9-year-old girl affected from Leukemia. The innocent helpless face of the young girl hailing from a mediocre family whose financial assistance were not well and who hardly knew anything about what she’s going through, has made a student of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology to start this organization.

Thus bloomed the idea of SCF with a motto to spread the smiles among these children.




Our main motto is to give hope to people suffering with cancer and spread awareness about cancer among people. 



  • We look for a society where no child suffers lack of love, care and medical amenities
  • To emerge as an outgrown tree of services saving millions of children.



Our Recent Activities are



Walk is a annually conducted event where all students march forward to help the cancer effected people. The funds got by this walk have been used for the betterment of the MNJ hospital facilities till now.



Sreenidhi cancer foundation NGO gave 11 cots, pillows and mattress to MNJ hospital on 2nd April, 2017. The board members brought the cots and gave it to MNJ hospital. The amount was collected by SCF club by conducting various events. The NGO came up with this idea when they got to know that many patients were told to go to other hospital due to the deficiency of cots.



All the students of SNIST united together by forming HUMAN CHAIN to support people suffering with cancer on the eve of World Cancer Day conducted on February 3rd.  The aim of the event is to raise awareness among the students.



It is free checkup conducted in rural areas and free medicines were given to the people.



Arc hospital conducted a 2K walk at ECIL on 26th January. The aim of the walk was to create awareness of leukemia. All the members of SCF joined the walk and supported them. The event started at 8:00 am by flag hoisting and continued with the speeches of the guests. 



SCF has put lemon juice stall, corn (food stall) and water balloon stall (game stall) during fest conducted by RIGOLADE and ADASTRA from 19/01/2017 to 25/01/2017. These stalls were kept for raising funds. The members of the SCF divided the work and worked together for all the stalls. The lemon juice and corn were made by the SCF members. The game water balloon was enjoyed by many students. All the students actively participated at the water - eh - catch (Water balloon stall).   












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